Alamo National Saint Barthelemy, or (St Barts), was founded 9 years ago by Ruddy Ledée.

Ruddy’s family has been on the island for 400 years, one of the first migrant families from France to settle in the Caribbean.

He studied business in France and came back to his island to work at the family car rental business, “Chez Beranger”, before creating his own business with the famous Alamo-National franchise, Alamo St Barts Car Rental.

His way of life “business and fishing but business first”

Ruddy has trained a strong professional team around him who will give you advice on how best to enjoy your vacation.

Which is the best car for the place you are staying, which insurance you need etc.

Team Alamo St Barts Car Rental are there to help you find the best answer.

Our staff will also give show you the best spots for snorkelling, enjoying the sun as well as giving advice on restaurants

And if you have the chance to meet the boss, he will show you the best places for fishing and put you in touch with fishermen for St Barts famous lobster.

Alamo St Barts Car Rental

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